Community Tools for
Community Humans.

EngagePad is a suite of community tools for community
managers. We aim to blur the lines between sales, community and support.
Save time by easily building your audience
through clever automation, engagements,
and collecting useful member activities you can quickly act on
while automating almost everything.

Reserve your spot and I'll also help you spark some ideas. Feel free to reach out!

Sales sucks so have fun with it.

Build an audience...not a list. Your product solves a few specific problems right? Make a community around it duh! Have a place to keep your potential users warm at scale and sell in a way that's natural to you and fun for your audience. This can be a great way to hack sales and create your own channel of growth. Remember, if you don't have an audience you don't have a business. Being able to find traffic is your first mission. It can be hard to do but we aim to make it fun and simple.

PRO TIP- It's much easier to get people to join a community of like-minds or of topics of interest than it is to ask for a follow or a super cold email request.

Automate Your Engagement and Content.

Automate Your Community: Content Posting and Introductions, Content Activity triggers etc. We are taking most of the things that make managing a community hard and giving this a touch of automation magic. This makes managing a community ten times easier and keeps engagement UP when you might be down in the trenches doing product and sales things. Community now has a helping robotic hand covered in Terminator skin.

PRO TIP - It's really hard to build a community yet alone keep it engaging, find a tool that can automate engagement for you so you can focus on relationships and conversations.

Hack Sales Make connections

Having a community where your landing page visitors can go to get a better feel for your product and your brand and message. Think of this as a holding pattern while you create a relationship rather than a cold sale. Build an audience, Know that audience, Then sell the dream.

PRO TIP- SaaS sales are not immediate and need to be fostered, find a tool where you can keep customers warm at scale, gain important data, and act immediately on that data.

Understand User Data and Act on it

Track all member activities and know what they're interested in so you can message them on the granular level and gain more natural sales without cold selling. Keep it natural and keep it inclusive.

PRO TIP - If you can use your user data to power email and chat you will win way more well deserved subscriptions, find a tool that you can easily visualize the most important things to your users and use this to get personal with your communications.

Heya! I'm Stephen. I'm a half employed long time dreamer and recent executor of some micro-business goals. I saved a lot of pennies and now I'm building EngagePad to help indie-makers and micro-SaaS companies hack sales and start becoming the marketers you need to be. If you ever need help you can contact me below. For Rock+Kingdom.

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